ajgmedia is the home of digital entrepreneur Andrew Goldie

ajgmedia is the home of digital entrepreneur Andrew Goldie

ajg media was started in 2013 with the intention of growing clients digital presence in all industries, it quickly turned into an ecommerce focused marketing agency helping clients achieve on site and off site success.

Today ajg media still holds it’s core start up values however has moved into investing and partnering with eccomerce start ups and successful online businesses who want to achieve that next level growth through the tactics practiced by Andrew Goldie and his team.

Online Attire

Mens Premium Online Retailer

online attire brings you the latest in premium menswear. We are always looking to expand our range, with current season collections. We support small to large independent brands and only stock their stand out pieces, you are sure to find something special that isn't in high street retailers. Our customer services and order fulfilment team thrive on bringing you a quick and effective service, which is the reason our customers keep on coming back and enjoy their experience with onlineattire.com

Emulate Clothing

It’s the brand that frankly all others are going to want to Emulate

Emulate may seem like a brand that’s came out of no where however it’s been a concept years in the making. With 28 years combined experience they are expertise in past, current and most importantly up and coming trends. The team have been around long enough to know everything about the mens fashion industry however with the creative drive from young exuberant individuals. You may be wondering what Emulate is all about and what it has have to offer you that other brands can’t. All designs and prints are created in-house by a team of young fashion forward designers. Bespoke prints are then put into action on the best of quality materials.

Bee Inspired Clothing


After 15 years of playing professional football, Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb decided to hang up their boots and embark on a new venture. With their lives revolving around the sport, a new career opportunity was something that they hoped would present itself. Little did they know that a seemingly trivial hobby would turn into their livelihood.

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